A creative spin-off of Tecnotelai, UNICA is a brand dedicated to the art of furnishing. UNICA places the artistic processing of glass, precious metals, and semi-precious stones at the center of our designers with an important source of inspiration – nature. Each piece created by UNICA is a piece of art that elevates its environment. Our 100% Made in Italy commitment allows our furnishings to combine artistic craftsmanship with the skills of internationally famous designers. Embracing the uniqueness of nature, UNICA never offers replicas of our products. Exemplifying high craftsmanship and Italian design, UNICA’s one-of-a-kind pieces can be found throughout the world from New York to Paris, Venice to St. Petersburg, and Beijing to Tokyo.


Italian design is a standard throughout the entire world, priding itself on the creation of original objects formed by skilled craftsmen.

UNICA uses the best of the best in sustainable materials such as glass, wood, stainless steel, natural stones, Swarovski crystals, and precious metals.  Combined, these distinct materials enhance any environment.

UNICA’s concepts are based on emotion– the excitement to see, experience, and touch artisanal objects. Our pieces are thought-provoking, capturing attention and evoking emotions.

These are only a few of the elements that characterize UNICA’s craftsmanship, maintaining the gold-standard of Made in Italy quality on an international scale.


Each UNICA piece is a mastermind from the company’s team of skilled designers. Drawing inspiration from travels and faraway lands, UNICA artists begin their designs from mood boards filled with emotions.

Transforming these stories into poetic creations, Silvia Mazzolini, creator of UNICA, together with unconventional artists such as Monica Serra, go beyond the rules of classic design and offer a hint of fantasy in every creation.

This gave rise to the Trilli Effect, a symbol in many UNICA works, marked by golden dust, precious sparkles, Swarovski crystals, and natural stones.


Our company is committed to treating the people who work for us and the environment with respect and generosity. We are responsible for running a sustainable business and always strive to reduce our environmental footprint. Sustainability encompasses our ability to meet the present’s needs without compromising those of the future. 

UNICA is linked to wildlife protection. Our source of inspiration is nature. We create unique products that bring spaces to life through their shapes and colors. Spaces filled with magic and inspired by nature.

We wanted to make a symbolic but compelling gesture to protect the rainforest Sumatran tigers’ rely on for survival. For this reason, we adopted a tiger, Cinta, supporting the International Tiger Project. By adopting Cinta, we’re safeguarding this small but critical population of wild Sumatran tigers by actively protecting their habitat against poachers, logging, and illegal encroachment. Our goal is to protect Cinta and her territory so that she can become a devoted mother. Cinta means ‘love’ in Indonesian and love is at the core of UNICA’s vision.

With climate change, there’s never been a more important time to collectively become more aware of how we, as individuals, corporations, and businesses, are affecting the planet. UNICA is active in the preservation of a healthy and thriving planet. We take concrete daily actions to reduce our impact on the environment, from replacing plastic containers with reusable bottles and micro-filtering water to using energy efficiently in our workplace through LED illumination, which saves nearly 60% in electricity consumption. 

For more information on the growing importance of environmental conservation, visit Earthday.org


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Unica proposes to bring the Made in Italy excellence, our craftsmanship and our culture to the entire world. To give an emotion to all those who have the fortune of living in spaces where UNICA is present through its products

Vanessa Stella / CEO