Unica was created in art and, always, through the collaboration with artists and creative types, it shares methods and possibilities. Probably, aside from every generic definition and every plausible etymological root, millions of different visions of art exist, at least one for every person who practices it. From our point of view,

UNICA is proud to invite you visiting our Temporary Exhibition in partnership with Nicoletta Lanati that will take place at:    SHOW HUB MILANO  Via Morimondo 2/a  Artistic creation in its most sublime declination should be able to translate aesthetic expression into subtle language, capable of communicating with the interior of the human being to the point

The international successes of Unica continues! Last November, 22nd Unica received the "gold" prize in London, participating at the prestigious international "London Design Award" with the table “Papaveri” Precious materials like glass and steel were chosen because they combine perfectly in a 100% Italian, innovative concept that eliminates barriers between rooms